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Computer Science Major

Both the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) and the College of Science and Engineering (CSE) offer a Bachelor’s degree in computer science. These degrees not only provide a basic understanding of the field, but also include an upper division emphasis in a student-chosen subarea of computer science. This flexibility allows concentrations within computer science, or in interdisciplinary areas involving computer applications. This should prepare a student for a variety of industrial, governmental, and business positions involving computer use, or for graduate work in the field.

The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Science is offered by the College of Science and Engineering. This degree requires 124 credits, including two semesters of physics and CSci 2031 (Introduction to Numerical Computing). This degree does not include the CLA foreign language requirement, but it does include many of the general education requirements needed for the BA.

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Computer Science is offered by the College of Liberal Arts. This degree requires 120 credits including the CLA foreign language requirement. Unlike the BS, it does not require physics or CSci 2031.

Computer Engineering Degree

The Computer Science and Engineering Department (CS&E) and the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department (ECE) offer a joint Bachelor of Computer Engineering (B.Comp.E.) This degree offers students an opportunity to concentrate in one of several areas, such as computer design, computer architecture and networks, and very large integrated circuit design and computer-aided circuit design. Elective courses may be selected from ECE, CS&E, or other departments to tailor a program to fit particular interests.

Computer Science Minor

The CLA offers a Computer Science Minor, which is available to all undergraduate students. The minor requires five 3- or 4-credit Computer Science courses that are approved by the CS&E department.

Information Technology Minor

The College of Science and Engineering offers an interdisciplinary Minor in Information Technology. This interdisciplinary minor requires at least 16 credits, including two core courses from the College of Science and Engineering and three breadth courses from the Colleges of Liberal Arts or Design. The minor enables students in nontechnical disciplines to supplement their major with a practical set of courses focused on information technology.

Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Information Technology

The College of Continuing Education offers a Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Information Technology Infrastructure. This degree is not affiliated with the department, but it is closely related to Computer Science and Engineering.

More Information

For more information on the degrees offered by the CS&E department, please see the Undergraduate Guide.

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