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Graduate Admissions - PhD

The PhD in Computer Science is considered a research degree. Candidates for this degree should have demonstrated research potential and interest. The minimum GPA for courses that will apply to your PhD is 3.45 so it is expected that your past coursework should indicate your ability to attain this minimum GPA in your graduate courses. Applicants can apply directly after receiving their bachelor’s degree as we do not require PhD applicants have a master’s first.

The PhD Program in Computer Science only admits students for the Fall term each year. We do not admit for spring term.

graduate students in computer lab
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Which degree should I apply for?

We encourage students to think about the highest degree they wish to receive from the Computer Science program at the University of Minnesota and then to apply for that degree. We also offer the following degrees:

The admissions committee will consider each applicant for the degree requested, but may decide to admit an applicant to a different degree program, or suggest a higher degree. Once a student enrolls, options to change or add degrees can be discussed.

Ph.D Application Instructions & Forms

All PhD Applicants are required to complete the Graduate School Application as well as the Computer Science Application. Please note that PhD applicants must list recommenders in the Computer Science application ONLY.

Unfortunately, we are unable to make document corrections to either application once it has been submitted. Please pay careful attention when submitting.

Application Deadlines for Fall 2015

November 15: Admission Cycle Opens for Fall 2015
December 5: PhD in Computer Science (to be considered for Fellowships)
January 5: PhD in Computer Science (to be considered for additional Teaching Assistantships, Research Assistantships)

Application Information

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