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Nikolaos Papanikolopoulos Directs $1 Million Interdisciplinary Robotics Project

The National Science Foundation has awarded a grant of $1,000,000 to an interdisciplinary team at the University of Minnesota, headed by Nikolaos Papanikolopoulos. Collaborators include Miki Hondzo, Jiarong Hong, Ibrahim V. Isler along with the Saint Anothony Falls Laboratory and Prof. Vijay Kumar of the University of Pennsylvania.

The project, "NRI: Collaborative Research: Robotics 2.0 for Disaster Response and Relief Operations," started years ago as a part of the NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Centers Program, through the Center on Safety, Search, and Rescue Robotics. The team now introduces Robotics 2.0, a new framework which sets autonomous robots as co-workers with humanity. Through unique laboratory and in-situ field experiments, designs are adapted to large-scale problems from disaster response to power grid monitoring and urban traffic operations. Outreach includes seminars and webcasts, engineering day camps for under-represented middle-schoolers, local K-12 demonstrations, and international collaboration.

Arindam Banerjee Leads Project With $1 Million NSF Big Data Grant

Picture of Arindam BanerjeeAssociate Professor Arindam Banerjee and his collaborators Pradeep Ravinkumar (University of Texas, Ausin) and Auroop Ganguly (Northeastern University) have been awarded over one million dollars by the National Science Foundation's "Big Data" Program. Banerjee will head up the three year interdisciplinary data mining project. “High-Dimensional Statistical Machine Learning for Spatio-Temporal Climate Data” will bridge the fields of climate science, ecology, environmental science, and neuroscience in an effort to develop new approaches to sensitive high-resolution spatio-temporal data analysis.

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