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$500K Gift from Hopper-Dean Foundation to fund Undergraduate Scholarships

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering is proud to announce a $500K Gift from Hopper-Dean Foundation to fund annual scholarships for undergraduate students who are studying or planning to study computer science or computer engineering. Jeff Dean and Heidi Hopper both attended the University of Minnesota as undergraduates.  This newly established "Hopper-Dean Scholarship Honoring Dr. Vipin Kumar,” is intended to honor Dr. Vipin Kumar, who was Jeff's undergraduate thesis advisor and introduced him to the wonders of the parallel computation and large-scale computing, topics that have served Jeff well in his career as a software engineer. This scholarship is intended to support other students to find their own wonders in the paths of their undergraduate education and research.  

Four inaugural recipients of the Hopper-Dean Scholarship were selected, and $25,000 scholarship has been awarded and allocated among the following Hopper-Dean Scholars:

  • Andrea Gunderson; Sophomore
    Sauk Rapids, MN
  • Cole Gillum; Junior
    Bemidji, MN
  • Sophia Stembridge; Junior
    Blaine, MN
  • Katherine Applewhite; Senior
    Wheaton, IL

Isler awarded University of Minnesota Informatics Institute Transdisciplinary Research Fellowship

Picture of Volkan IslerAssociate Professor Volkan Isler was recently awarded a UMII Transdisciplinary Research Fellowship. The fellowship was created to position recently promoted associate professors in transdisciplinary collaborative projects at the interface of informatics and an application area. Fellows are expected to leverage their network for research/funding opportunities that address societal challenges and leverage Minnesota’s competitive advantage.

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