Transfer of Credits

With approval from your advisor and CSE Director of Graduate Studies (DGS), no more than 12 post-baccalaureate credits (40%) may be transferred to your degree program at the University of Minnesota. Courses taken at another University, which were taken for graduate credit, taught by faculty authorized to teach graduate courses, can be petitioned to be approved for transfer. Credits must be appropriate to the degree you are pursuing and fulfill a requirement. Any credits that qualify to be transferred to your program will be approved at the time of the Graduate Degree Plan submittal. A student may have no more than 8 semester credits in common between two MS degrees. If you already have an MS degree from another university, only 8 credits can be transferred.


  • During your first semester, submit a list of the courses you wish to transfer to the CSE Graduate Coordinator for pre-approval. It should include the name of the course(s), credits, and a short description of the course including the book(s) used. If a copy of the syllabus is available, this should also be included. If a course is similar to one that is taught here, this should be indicated.
  • Use the form 99PRD to request graduate credit for a non-degree seeking student status.
  • One semester prior to your degree completion, include pre-approved transfer credits on your Graduate Degree Plan. Final approval and official transfer will occur when the Graduate Degree Plan is filed and approved by the Director of Graduate Studies and the Graduate School.