From the Graduate School

The following is a list of forms that are provided by the Graduate School. Additional forms that apply to certain uncommon cases are available directly from the Graduate School (link). 

  • Declaration of advisor (pdf)
    • Use this form to declare or change your Ph.D. advisor.
  • Declaration of a committee 
    • Use the electronic form launched from this page to assign members to your doctoral preliminary oral examination committee or to update members on an existing committee.
  • Schedule preliminary examination
    • Use this form to schedule the preliminary oral examination with Graduate Student Services and Progress (GSSP) as soon as a date is set, but no later than one week prior to the examination.
  • Declaration of Final Doctoral Committee
    • Use this form to assign members to your final doctoral examination committee or to update members on an existing committee. 
  • Doctoral Final Oral Exam Scheduling
    • Use this form to schedule the Final Oral Examination with Graduate Student Services and Progress (GSSP) online as soon as a date is set, but no later than one week prior to the examination.
  • Graduate degree plan (pdf)
    •  Use this form to declare the set of courses that will be used to satisfy the degree requirements. 

      Graduate education policy requires every graduate student to file a graduate degree plan for each degree for which he/she is a candidate. On the graduate degree plan the student will list the courses that have been taken and those that are planning to take to complete the degree. Doctoral students are expected to file their plans in the semester in which they submit their WPE report. Doctoral students who are interested in obtaining a Master's degree in addition to their PhD must file two separate graduate degree plans, one for each degree. Courses used to obtain the MS can be reused for the PhD except for CSci 8760 or MS thesis credits.

      The graduate degree plan is filled out in consultation with the advisor, who then must approve it. If a minor is stated on the graduate degree plan, the DGS of the minor graduate program must also approve it. The graduate degree plan then is approved by the DGS in Computer Science and the graduate education dean of the College of Science and Engineering. Possible members of the doctoral examining committee should be discussed by the student and advisor and their agreement to serve on the committee should be obtained. The student will then appoint the committee members by submitting their names to the online form for assigning and updating the prelim oral committee.

      The courses listed on the graduate degree plan must only be those that qualify towards degree completion, as explained below. In addition, these courses must generally be relevant to the subject area of the thesis and provide the background and depth normally expected of a student receiving the degree for which the student is a candidate. Only 5000 and 8000 level courses will be accepted on the degree plan. No courses for which a student has received a grade below a C- are allowed to count towards the degree. If CS 5991 or 8991 independent study or CS 5994 or 8994 directed research credits are used, a separate sheet submitted with the degree plan must explain the nature of the research or independent study. Limits will be placed on the number of these credits that can be used on the GDP. Consult with the DGS before registering for more than one of these courses. All courses taken from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering must be taken A-F, unless they are only offered S-N. Courses in other departments may be taken S-N. The total number of credits taken S-N cannot exceed one third of the total graded course credits on the graduate degree plan.

      Any credits that qualify to be transferred to a student’s plan will be approved at the time of graduate degree plan submittal. Only the credits transfer, grades do not and do not count towards the student’s GPA. Generally, only credits from accredited schools with comparable graduate degree programs will be approved for transfer. Credits from outside computer science may be approved. Approval must be obtained from the advisor and the DGS. Credits transferred from other institutions must be graduate level (post baccalaureate), have been taken as graduate level work and have been taught by faculty authorized to teach graduate courses. Part of the transferred credits can be from courses taken while a student had non-degree seeking status at the University of Minnesota. However, registration for those courses must have been done by using the form 99PRD, Request for Graduate Credit for a non-degree seeking student. No more than 12 of these non-degree credits can be transferred to either the MS or PhD programs.

  • Graduation packet request (online)
    • Follow this link to request the various material required for graduation, including application for degree and reviewers report forms.
  • Graduate school petition form (pdf)
    • Use this form in order to (i) request to change coursework on an already approved graduate degree plan (GDP), (ii) request to change or remove language requirements on your approved GDP, and (iii) request to add or remove a minor. Once it has been submitted, a student must strictly conform to the graduate degree plan. If there is need to deviate from it, the graduate degree plan can be changed by petition. The petition is a special form available on line. The petition should list the courses to be added and/or removed and must again be approved by the advisor, the DGS, the DGS of the minor field (if a minor has been formally declared) and then submitted to the GSSP office. There is also a form to be used to apply for a time extension. A student desiring a time extension should
      complete the form stating a cogent reason why the extension should be granted. Any request for a time extension should be filed before the time limit has expired and is to be signed by the advisor, the DGS of the minor field if a minor is declared and the DGS before being sent to the GSSP office for entry.
  • Application for full-time status with one credit registration (pdf)
    • Use this form to allow you to register for one-credit registration that certifies you as a full-time student. This applies only to doctoral students that have achieved advance doctoral status (explained in the form). 
  • Special graduate assistant registration status request form (pdf)
    • Use this form in order to request to take fewer than 6 credits and still have a graduate assistanship. 
  • Change of status (information and form)
    • Follow this link for information and forms related to changing your academic status (e.g., add a program, switch from Ph.D. to a Master, remove a track, etc.).
  • Application for readmission (information and form)
    • Follow this link for information on how to be readmitted into the Ph.D. program.

From the Department

The following is a list of forms that are provided by the Department that you may need during your degree program.