Transfer of Credits

At times, credits taken after receiving your baccalaureate degree may be transferred to a graduate degree program at the University of Minnesota. Courses taken at another University, which were taken for graduate credit outside of an undergraduate degree program, taught by faculty authorized to teach graduate courses, may be petitioned to be approved for transfer. Credits must be appropriate to the degree and and fulfill a degree requirement. Qualified transfer credits will be approved at the time of Graduate Degree program submittal,after passing the WPE for PhD students.


In order to make an appropriate decision about the coursework a student should be pursuing, the Computer Science & Engineering department  has established a preliminary approval process for transfer of credit.  Preliminary approval requires the student to e-mail a list of the courses he/she wishes to transfer. The request should include the name of each course, credit cost, a short description of the course including the book(s) used as well as a syllabus if available. If a course is similar to one that is taught here, this should be indicated in the e-mail request. Final approval and official transfer occurs when the  Graduate Degree Program is filed and approved by the Director of Graduate Studies and the Graduate School.