8.4. Summary

Here is a summary of a process outlined above.

  1. Faculty should report all cases of cheating by CS or CompE grad students to the TA Supervisor and DGS. The threshold for reporting is whether a penalty (e.g., a failing grade for a class) has been assessed. The faculty member should only report the incident and what action has been taken as a result of it. They do not need to be concerned about any possible "TA-related" penalty --- that will be dealt with at the department level.
  2. Before deciding on any TA-related penalty, the department will usually wait until the regular cheating incident, including any student appeals, has been resolved. Following this, if the cheating accusation is upheld, the department will assign a TA penalty. This will then be communicated in writing to the student involved, as well as to their advisor.
  3. Possible TA penalties include "probation," which will not disqualify a student from getting a future TA offer but will lessen their chances, disqualification of getting a future TA offer, and termination of any current TA position.
  4. The student may appeal the TA-related penalty. The first appeal is to the department, and must done within 10 days of being sent the letter on the TA-related penalty. The decision on the appeal shall be communicated to the student, and their advisor, in writing. The student may appeal the department appeal decision. In its appeal decision letter the department will inform the student about where they may appeal further.