5.10. Office Hours

Prior to the beginning of the classes you should discuss specific office hour times with the instructor.

TAs with a 25% appointment should have at least 1 office hour per week. TAs with a 50% appointment should have at least 2. These are minimum amounts, though, and for many classes the instructor may ask you to have additional office hours.

Office hours should be held in a room set aside for that purpose (currently Keller Hall 2-209 and 2-246). If you have a compelling reason to hold the office hours elsewhere, please get the department's approval before doing so.

If you wish to hold your office hours in one of the open classroom labs, please notify Dania Sidhu about this. These labs can be reserved by other classes and departments; and we have had occasions in the past where TAs have been holding office hours in such labs without notifying the department, only to have a conflict arise when another department reserves the lab.

TAs for evening classes are reminded to have AT LEAST one office hour in the evening.