5.13. Resignations

The department has the following policy:

  1. Teaching Assistants may resign their TA appointment (e.g., for an RA appointment), if they resign prior to the announced resignation deadline (which is usually 4-6 weeks before the start of classes each semester).
  2. TAs who wish to resign their TA appointment after the above deadline will need written permission from the Department Head or TA Supervisor.
  3. The department will not process RA offers to TAs who resign without meeting these criteria. TAs who resign less than two weeks before the beginning of class may forfeit their eligibility to receive any form of support from the department in the future.
  4. If formal TA offers are not sent by CS&E HR/payroll before the resignation deadline, applicants who will (or will likely) receive offers will be contacted by email soon before the deadline. If their plans have changed and they no longer wish to accept the TA offer, then they will need to inform the TA Supervisor by replying to this email by the resignation deadline. Otherwise, they will be expected to accept the formal offer when it is made and will be subject to the other provisions of this policy.

TAs should not resign after classes have begun.