2.10. I am looking for a TA position, and would like to meet the graduate TA supervisor to discuss this. When can I do that?

If you have questions beyond the information given here, you are welcome to see the graduate TA supervisor during his regularly scheduled office hours. If the regular office hours do not work for you, then feel free to contact him by e-mail to set up a time.

The graduate TA supervisor does not have regularly scheduled office hours during the summer; however, if there are a significant number of open positions, he will schedule a few office hours in August. The times for these will be posted on the TA announcement page.

Because of the number of inquiries we get about open TA positions, the graduate TA supervisor will post updates on whether there are any positions open, the likelihood of getting a positions, etc. to the TA announcement page. Please check this page regularly if you are interested in the TA offer situation.