1. Overview

This website contains information for current and prospective TAs in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Minnesota. More specifically, it contains an explanation of the TA offer process, departmental rules and information, teaching tips, links to other related websites, and additional information that TAs will find useful.

Prospective TAs should find the FAQ and TA offer process and criteria sections most useful.

Current TAs are responsible for all the information on this website. Most particularly, they should be familiar with the rules and procedures mentioned in the department rules page, and the ethical issues for TAs page, and should be aware of the rules in the other links. TAs will, we hope, find the teaching information and resources in the teaching tips, the online information on course management software, etc., and in other sections helpful in their TA work.

This site was put together with the help of the Center for Educational Innovation (CEI) (formerly the Center for Teaching and Learning), and many of the teaching tips pages are based on CEI resources.