3.3. Offers to Incoming Students

It is department policy to save at least eight appointments for new students and make the balance from continuing students. New student appointments are made as part of the admissions process for Ph.D. admits, based on merit. Note eight is a minimum; in practice, the specific number of new students we appoint depends on a number of factors including how plentiful we expect TA positions to be, how many exceptional students apply, and how many students accept our offers.

Since new offers are made as part of the admissions process for Ph.D. admits, which new students receive a TA offer is decided as part of the application review process. This decision is made by the Graduate Admissions Chair, in consultation with the graduate admissions committee and the TA Supervisor. The criteria used to determine which applicants get offers are the usual ones for admission (academic record, the potential for graduate work, etc.); however, TA potential is also a consideration.

MS students who do not receive offers during admission are welcome to apply for any open positions when they arrive in Fall. A few TA positions may be open at the beginning of Fall classes; however, students arriving without support should realize that the chance of getting a TA when they arrive here in Fall is small. Most students who arrive here without support are eventually able to find support, if not through a TA then through an RA or through other forms of support. However, prospective students should neither be overly optimistic nor overly pessimistic in this regard.