CSci Required Class Course Descriptions and Other Information

The University catalogs list required courses, and contain course descriptions for the CSE B.S. in Computer Science, the CLA B.A. in Computer Science, and the CSE Bachelor of Computer Engineering.

The purpose of the course descriptions is to provide more detailed information about these classes than is given in the course catalog. Each description contains a discussion of the course, its content, its role in the curriculum, its prerequisites, its format, and what students should expect to know upon successful completion of the class.

The descriptions are guidelines, and will be updated from time to time. As such, they will not guarantee what will be included in a class; however, it is expected that, in general, classes will not deviate widely from these guidelines.

The other information includes links to recent class web pages. Faculty who teach these courses are also encouraged to provide links to other information that they think will be useful, but which is not included on the regular class web pages.