20.5. Old CSE B.S. (Fall 2010-Spring 13 Curriculum)

  1. Math, Science, and Statistics: Math 1271 (or 1371), Math 1272 (or 1372), math elective (see the  "Upper Division Math-oriented Requirement" section above), Physics 1301, Approved 2nd Science, Stat 3021
  2. CS Lower Level: CSci 1901/1133, CSci 1902/1933, CSci 2011, CSci 2021, CSci 2033 (or 2031)
  3. CS Upper Level: CSci 3081W, CSci 4041, CSci 4061
  4. CS Upper Division Track: 24 credits of approved classes. Each track has two required courses. Two more courses must be selected from a list for the selected track. Advisor approved courses must be completed to achieve a minimum total of 24 Upper Division elective credits.