3.1. CLA Computer Science BA Application

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Once students have been admitted to the College of Liberal Arts, they may pursue admission to the Computer Science major. Admission to the major is competitive and is based on an unbracketed Technical GPA from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities courses. Students should be careful to follow the steps and deadlines listed below. Eligible students need to apply online at z.umn.edu/applycsciba.

Application Process

Students are eligible to apply for Computer Science major status once they have met the following minimum requirements:

 Completed the following courses with a C- or better or have the courses in progress during the current application cycle:

  • Math 1271 or 1371  (Calculus I)
  • Math 1272 or 1372  (Calculus II)
  • CSci 1133, or 1113, or 1103
  • CSci 1933 (if 1133 is taken), or 1913 (if 1113 or 1103 are taken)
  • CSci 2011

Students must have an appropriately connected CSCI I and CSCI II sequence (CSCI 1133 & 1933, CSCI 1113 & 1913, CSCI 1103 & 1913). While any of these appropriately connected sequences are acceptable, CSCI 1133 & CSCI 1933 is the recommended sequence.

Students are only eligible to apply to the major two times. 

Technical GPA

The Technical Grade Point Average (Technical GPA) is calculated using your University of Minnesota - Twin Cities grades in the courses listed in the link provided in this sentence. Courses taken at other institutions may fulfill degree requirements; however, they will not be included in the technical GPA calculation.

An "unbracketed" Technical GPA will be used for admission to the major. This means that all attempts at a course (which resulted in a letter grade of A - F) or its equivalent will be used to calculate the Technical GPA. The Technical GPA is used in the admission to the major process.

The technical GPA can be found on a "What If" APAS Report for the BA in Computer Science.

Admission Standards

Admission to the Computer Science major is a competitive process based on two factors:

  • The successful completion of specific technical courses (as listed above)
  • The student's technical (unbracketed) grade point average (GPA) for courses taken at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
    • Students with a 3.2 technical GPA will have guaranteed admission to the major
    • Students below a 3.2 technical GPA, but above a 2.00 technical GPA, will be considered for admission to the major based on space available in the program
    • Students below a 2.00 Technical GPA will automatically be denied
  • Students may only apply to the major twice. After the second denied application, students will need to choose a different major. 

Application Deadlines

Applications for the Computer Science major are accepted during two periods each academic year:

Admission Term

Applications Begin

Application Deadline

Spring semester

March 1

May 25

Fall semester

October 1

December 30

Please apply as soon as possible.  Early application will allow us to better understand how the demand for the Computer Science major may impact the technical GPA cutoff point required for admission and to advise students accordingly.

Admission Notifications

Students will be notified of their admission decision once all grades have posted for the semester and a review has been done. Students applying in fall should expect email notifications in early January. Students applying in spring should expect email notifications in late May or early June.

Historical Admission Results

Admission to the major is based on the space available. This is to ensure students who are admitted to the program can register for required classes as they need them and graduate in a timely manner. Below you will see a table of historical admission statistics to provide a sense of how competitive it has been in previous semesters. Keep in mind that every cycle is different. The statistics below only include CLA applicants. CSE applicants are competing for admission to the major in the same pool as CLA applicants.

SemesterApplicantsAdmittedPercentageLowest Tech GPA Admitted
Fall 2015765369.74%2.400
Spring 2016916268.13%2.400
Fall 20161046562.50%2.500
Spring 2017985556.12%2.500
Fall 20171449868.06%2.500
Spring 20181117264.86%2.500
Fall 20181208570.83%2.500