11.1. Closed Classes Policy

CSCI Courses (for closed sections)
Sometimes the enrollment capacity of popular computer science classes is reached before all interested students can be accommodated. Here are some tips for dealing with such a situation:
  1. Register as soon as your time in the queue arrives.
  2. If the class you want to get into has filled, sign up on the on-line waiting list, attend the first day of class, and sign the attendance sheet. You will be notified if there is enough room in the class for you to take the course.
  3. Follow the prerequisite structure.
  4. If for some reason you are delaying applying for CS or CompEng upper division status, apply as soon as possible. In some elective CS courses seats may be reserved for declared CS or CompEng majors and graduate students.
  5. Always have a backup plan. If you are unable to get into a certain popular class, know which other classes would still fulfill your degree requirements and be useful to take.
Undergraduates have great flexibility in many of their track/elective requirements. Students should register for an alternative or substitution course in place of the full course even if the full course is listed as required for a student's chosen track. Advisors can approve substitutions in tracks when required courses are at capacity or conflict with other required courses.
STAT 3021 (for open AND closed sections)
In order to help students who are unable to register because they have not taken the prerequisites through the university, the Statistics Department needs to confirm that they have met the prerequisites through other methods. In order to do this they need to know the following information in an email sent to :
•The student's name
•The student's ID number (seven digits)
•The student's first and second choices for lab (preferred by number over registration code)
•Verify that the prerequisite course is on the student’s APAS. If there is not evidence of the prerequisite course being met in APAS, they will need some sort of additional verification that the credit has been met. Students can attach an AP report or unofficial transcript to the email showing the prerequisite course has been completed.
MATH Courses (for closed sections)
SEND AN EMAIL TO with this information:
•4-digit course number (Ex. Math 1001) and term (Fall 2015) in the "subject" line of email;
•Student Name and U of M ID number (if you have one) in the main text of the email;
•For each section of each course include:
•Course Number (Ex.: Math 1001)
•Section Number (Ex.: 012)
•Class number (5-digit Ex.: 12345)
•Reason(s) why you can't register to open section(s) in course(s)
Without this information, the reply to your email will be a request to provide the missing information. Permission requests for math classes will not be considered until the registration queue begins.
The University of Minnesota has information about getting into non-CSci courses.