18.4. Computing

I want to buy a computer for home. What kind should I get?

Visit the bookstore, and/or ask other students about what types of computers they use. The bookstore offers discounts for students and faculty. The OIT student site also has information about purchasing technology products. A PC or a Mac works for the purposes of being a student in the CS program. One is not better than the other as long as you have basic capabilities for word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation applications.

Make sure whatever computer you buy can connect easily to the University network. That way you can do much of your work on your own machine; however, some CS classes require software that is available on CSE lab machines, but which is not readily available for home machines.

I need to learn about Unix (or Word or FoxPro, etc.). Are there any courses available at the U?

The Computer Science and Engineering Department does not offer courses in computer applications.

Non-credit courses on computer applications are offered through the University Office of Information Technology's Technology Training.