18.2. Jobs

Help, I need a part-time/temporary job - now.

Go to GoldPASS or the UMN student employment site (for on campus jobs) to find opportunities.

Most of our students are working part time, many at CS jobs. Be aware that most of the students who end up on probation work too many hours for the class load taken (including extra-curricular activities and a social life).

Interested in being a Teaching Assistant? The CS&E Department uses undergraduate lab attendants and graders for many introductory courses.

Help, I need a real job - soon.

Go to GoldPASS to find opportunities.

Use your college's career center. They can help you get prepared for interviews. Remember to learn about the company you interview with. It will impress the interviewers.

If you have a favorite professor, who you are pretty sure thinks well of you, ask him/her for leads.

Check the bulletin board outside the CS&E main office.

Help, I'll need a job - someday.

Go to GoldPASS to find opportunities and what employers are looking for based on job descriptions.

Participate in class. Get to know professors. Then you can ask them to write letters of recommendation and they can give a truthful evaluation of your work.

Use the resume service at your college's career center to publicize your resume to companies.

Attend on campus job fairs and various "Company Recruiting Days" held on campus.

Do a co-op or internship during your junior year.

Check out career web sites listed in the Career Services section of this guide.

What are CS jobs like?

Go to GoldPASS to set up an informational interview with a current CS professional.

Go to your college's career center to get information on what entry-level jobs are available.

Read industry publications which have articles about the workplace and classified ads for jobs. Some of these publications are available in Wilson or Walter Libraries.

Check the bulletin board outside the CS&E main office.