18.5. Special Opportunities

Where can I get information about graduate school?

See the Graduate School Information section for more information, or talk to a Graduate Advisor in the CS&E department. Talk to a faculty member about various graduate programs and emphases. Most good schools (including ours) have lots of information on faculty, courses, projects, etc. on-line. Look through Peterson's Guide.

What can I do to strengthen my graduate school application?

  • Plan a course of action at least a year before graduation.
  • Participate in a UROP or undergraduate RA or TA position.
  • Take the GRE seriously and prepare for this test for more than a weekend. Try one of the many study guides available at bookstores. You may want to take the test during your junior year so that you would have the option to retake the test before graduate school application deadlines. The GRE Computer Science Test was discontinued in April 2013.
  • Ask faculty members whom you know well to write letters of recommendation. Give them plenty of advance notice and include a copy of your resume with the recommendation form to remind them of all the great things you accomplished.

I've heard that there is a Computer Engineering program at the U. Where can I get more information?

Information about the Computer Engineering degree is online on the ECE Advising Site.

I'd like to get involved in research. How do I learn about undergraduate research possibilities?

There are many different CS-related undergraduate research opportunities, so there is no single way to learn about them. Here are some suggestions to try:

Sign up for the undergraduate mailing list.

Ask other students you know whether they're involved in any research opportunities and if so, how they learned about them. Word of mouth is often how people learn about undergraduate research opportunities.

If you have a class you really like or are doing really well in, ask the professor if they have any research opportunities or know of any.

Check faculty web pages and research area web pages. If someone is doing work you are really interested in, send them an email and see if they have any research opportunities available.

If you have a high GPA (> 3.5) consider joining the Honors Program. One possibility in that program is doing an honors thesis, which involves research.