4. CSci Undergraduate C- or Better Policy

Students must complete all classes that are departmental requirements for the BS and BA degrees with a grade of C- or better. This includes all classes specifically required for the degree (e.g., Stats 3021, CSCI 2011) as well as classes used for the CSCI electives (B.A.), CSCI track requirements (B.S.), and the upper division math oriented requirement (B.S.). An Academic Policy Petition requesting to waive a requirement due to a D or D+ for a major class can be considered except for core major requirements. CSCI 2021, 2033, 2041, 3081W, 4041, 4061 are considered core major requirements where a petition can't be considered.

Recommendation for approval from the Director of Undergraduate Studies is required for the Academic Policy Petition prior to submitting to the college office. 

Liberal education and other college or university requirements must be passed with a 'D' or an 'S' EXCEPT for the second language requirement in CLA which must be passed with a 'C-' or an 'S'.  If you have questions about the second language requirement please talk to your CLA College Advisor.