5.6. CSci Classes with Undergraduate AND Graduate Versions

The internet programming (4131/5131), data communication and networks (4211/5211), AI I (4511W/5511), and databases (4707/5707) classes have a 4xxx and 5xxx version. The purpose of this is to allow tailoring of the course to the primary audiences (undergraduate students for the 4xxx version, graduate students for the 5xxx). There is enough overlap between the two versions that students will not be able to get credit for both.

Who should take which version of the courses?

  • CS and CompE *grad* students should take the 5xxx version; they will not receive graduate credit for the 4xxx versions.
  • Graduate students from other programs should check with their programs and see which version will be acceptable.
  • Most undergraduates should take the 4xxx version. There is one exception to this. Very skilled or interested undergraduates may take 5131, 5211, 5511, or 5707 with instructor permission.
  • Students who register for the 5xxx versions should ensure they have the necessary prerequisite knowledge. The expectation is that students in these classes will be better prepared than students in the 4xxx class, as the 5xxx classes will cover more material and require slightly more work.