5.5. Upper Division Math-Oriented Requirement

Students working towards a BS degree in Computer Science are required to take an upper division math-oriented course. Options include: CSci 4011, 5302, 5304, 5403 (inactive course), 5421, 5471, 5481, 5525, and 4XXX or 5XXX math courses. Faculty recommended Math options include Math 4151, 4152, 4428, 4707, 5248, 5251, 5447.

Math 4242 (Applied Linear Algebra) is the only option students who are substituting Math 2243/2373/2574H for CSCI 2033 can use for the Upper Division Math Oriented Requirement. More information on this substitution situation can be found here.

Please note that not all Math courses with 4xxx/5xxx numbers will satisfy the advanced math oriented elective requirement. Math 2283/3283W, 4005, 4065, 4067W, 4113, 4116, 4118, 5067, 5068, 5075, and 5076 do not fulfill the math oriented elective requirement. Students who took multivariable calculus or sequence, sets, and foundations prior to Fall 2002 (Fall 2003 for transfer students) may use that course as the math oriented elective. We do not accept Phil 5209 for this requirement or a track elective in the BS.