Learning Informatics Lab Seminar

Research talk
Information talk
September 24, 2020 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm
Professor Simon Buckingham Shum
University of Technology Sydney

Abstract: “Health Informatics”. “Urban Informatics”. “Social Informatics”. Informatics offers systemic ways of analyzing and designing the interaction of natural and artificial information processing systems. In the context of education, I will describe some Learning Informatics lenses and practices which we have developed for co-designing analytics and AI with educators and students. We have a particular focus on closing the feedback loop to equip learners with competencies to navigate a complex, uncertain future, such as critical thinking, professional reflection and teamwork. En route, we will touch on how we build educators’ trust in novel tools, our design philosophy of “embracing imperfection” in machine intelligence, and the ways that these infrastructures embody values. Speaking from the perspective of leading an institutional innovation centre in learning analytics, I hope that our experiences spark productive reflection around as the UMN Learning Informatics Lab builds its program.



Bio: Simon Buckingham Shum is Professor of Learning Informatics at the University of Technology Sydney, where he serves as inaugural director of the Connected Intelligence Centre. CIC is a transdisciplinary innovation center, using analytics to provide new insights for university teams, with particular expertise in educational data science. Simon’s career-long fascination with software’s ability to make thinking visible has seen him active in communities including Computer-Supported Cooperative Work, Hypertext, Design Rationale, Scholarly Publishing, Semantic Web, Computational Argumentation, Educational Technology, and Learning Analysis.  

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