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October 12 Achieving Success in Peer Production: Contributor Management, Best Practice Transfer and Inter-Community Relationships (Colloquia)
Haiyi Zhu
October 19 Camera-Free Sensing of Vehicle Steering with Smartphones (Cray Distinguished Speaker Series)
Kang Shin
October 26 Colloquium (Regular colloquium)
Dan Knights
November 2 Colloquium (Regular colloquium)
Michael W. Whalen
November 3 From Technology Interventions to Enabling Co-creation: How ‘meSch’ is Empowering Cultural Heritage Professionals Realise Tangible Interactive Installations (Other)
Luigina Ciolfi
November 9 Colloquium (Regular colloquium)
Willis Lang
November 16 Colloquium (Other)
Magdalena Balazinska
November 23 From Paid to Organic Crowdsourcing (Colloquia)
Kris Gajos
November 30 MOOCS: What Have we Learned? (Cray Distinguished Speaker Series)
Daphne Koller
December 7 Data Intensive Discoveries in Science: the Fourth Paradigm and Beyond (Cray Distinguished Speaker Series)
Alex Szalay
December 14 Colloquium (Regular colloquium)
David Wein
January 25 Interactive Data Analytics: The New Frontier (Cray Distinguished Speaker Series)
Sam Madden
February 1 Data, Predictions, and Decisions in Support of People and Society (Cray Distinguished Speaker Series)
Eric Horvitz
February 22 Service Design: A New Framing for HCI Research and Practice (Cray Distinguished Speaker Series)
Jodi Forlizzi
February 29 One Robot for Every Task (Cray Distinguished Speaker Series)
Daniela Rus
April 18 Eliciting Actionable Insights from Complex Medical Data (Cray Distinguished Speaker Series)
Joydeep Ghosh