Ajitha Rajan

Ajitha RajanDr. Ajitha Rajan is an Associate Professor in the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh, where she started in 2013 and was awarded the University Chancellor's Fellowship. She graduated with a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota in 2008, under the supervision of Prof. Mats Heimdahl. Dr. Rajan's research interests are in the area of software testing and verification.  She has worked on different aspects of test automation -- test input generation, monitoring and test adequacy measurement, test execution, and test oracles. Her work has been published at various international conferences in software engineering and testing. She received the ACM Distinguished Paper award at ICSE 2008.

Dr. Rajan has served as a PC member in many prestigious academic conferences, including ICSE, ISSTA, ASE, ECOOP, FMCAD. She is also the Associate editor for IET Software Journal. Dr. Rajan has been awarded grants from EPSRC, Facebook, GCHQ, Huawei, and SICSA. She was recently selected as one of the winners of the Facebook testing and Verification Award.