5.2. CSE Students

All CSE students must complete a minimum number of approved credits in their junior and senior years. It's recommended that students try to follow course paths known as an "upper division track" in the major. The purpose of the upper division track is to allow students to select a coherent program of courses specific to their interests. The recommendations below are for students who were admitted to the University of Minnesota in Fall 2013 or later. Students who were admitted to the University of Minnesota prior to Fall 2013 should consult the undergraduate guide's appendix to view their program requirements.

An upper division track consists of courses in four categories:

  • Recommended Track Focus Courses - 2 specific courses that are the basis for each track. These courses will uniquely identify each track.
  • Recommended Complementary Track Courses - 2 courses that are selected from a group of courses defined for each track. This category allows the student to provide depth or breadth within a specific track area while still allowing some flexibility.
  • Upper Division Math Oriented Requirement
  • CSCI Track Elective Courses - courses that provide enough credits to bring the total track credits to 23. All courses from other tracks can be used as track electives.

The flexibility incorporated into the track structure will allow for a great deal of customization. However, a minimum of 11 credits must be from CSCIcourses. 

During their junior year, students should meet with a Computer Science advisor to discuss possible track options based on the student's academic interests. Students who are interested in tracks that have a large number of prerequisite courses should start planning sooner.

Specific tracks are listed in the next section. Important reminders and some restrictions concerning track credits are presented in Section 5.4.