2011 Open House Schedule

8:00 am Registration and Coffee
8:30 am Welcome and Awards:
  • Welcome from Dean Crouch
  • State of Department, Vipin Kumar
  • Introduction of Kevin Driscoll, Mats Heimdahl
  • Presentation of DAA award, Vipin Kumar
  • Remarks from Kevin Driscoll
  • Intro to the days events, posters, keynote, lunch and afternoon program, Vipin Kumar
9:30 am Posters with coffee and snacks
11:30 am Keynote address from IBM Fellow Mr. Kerrie Holley:

The Promise of Watson: Moving Towards A Smarter Future

Our world is becoming increasingly interconnected, and organizations are experiencing an unprecedented explosion of digital information. The challenge for business leaders is finding the ‘intelligence’ in all the white noise. As data analytics become more critical to the business, how can today’s CIO offer customized intelligence to their organization for timely and reliable business insight? In an effort to understand the deeper aspects of human intelligence and harness the transformative potential of data analytics, the top minds at IBM started on a journey to create the phenomenon we know today as Watson. Join IBM Fellow and GBS CTO, Kerrie Holley, as he explores Watson’s potential and the impact its computational power can have on business and industry.

12:30 pm Wrap up
2:30 pm Panel Discussion: Cloud Computing

"Cloud Computing: Hype or Reality?" The topics discussed at this special afternoon panel will include the current state and future of cloud computing, the challenges and opportunities in using cloud computing, and the role of industry and academia in its sustenance and growth. No registration is required.

This panelists will include:

  • Marc Coyle
    Senior Vice President, Appirio
  • Abhishek Chandra
    Associate Professor
    University of Minnesota, Department of Computer Science
  • Christopher Dickson
  • David Du
    University of Minnesota, Department of Computer Science
  • Jon Weissman
    Associate Professor
    University of Minnesota, Department of Computer Science