Alum Jieping Ye Helping Lead China’s AI Revolution

November 13, 2017

Forbes recently featured 20 technologists who are leading China’s AI revolution.  Among these executives, entrepreneurs, professors, and researchers is CS&E alum Jieping Ye who was advised by Professor Ravi Janardan and received his Ph.D. from the department in 2005.

The article highlights the individuals at the center of China’s rapid growth in AI research. China is investing billions of dollars to help spur growth and challenging the US as the world leader in AI; in some sectors, such as healthcare, China may have already taken the lead.

“China’s leading technology companies are on fire, heavily investing in artificial intelligence and building true global presences,” the article states.  It goes on to highlight that McKinsey reported that Chinese institutions have published more cited research papers than the US or UK in AI.

One of these pioneers heading the Chinese AI revolution is Jieping Ye.  Ranked as the sixth most important figure on the Forbes list, Ye is the VP of Didi Research, which is the research institute driving the data behind Didi Chuxing, or the “Uber of China.”  With over 50TB of real-time data and over 9 billion routes driven per day, Didi Research helps predict demand, reduce surge impact, and lay the fundamental research for self-driving car technology.

Ye got his start in data mining and machine learning while here at CS&E.  Professor Ravi Janardan’s work was what initially inspired Ye to apply to the University of Minnesota. Shortly after joining the department, Ye pursued a project with then-Department Head Vipin Kumar that exposed him to data mining and machine learning. Ye decided to continue down the machine learning path after his first paper in the discipline won the best student paper award at International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML).

Visit Forbes’ website for their complete feature of the leading AI technologists in China.

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