Banerjee Receives Top Research Award from CSE

April 29, 2019

Professor Arindam Banerjee received a George W. Taylor Distinguished Research award from the College of Science and Engineering, which recognizes faculty members who have shown outstanding ability in research.

“Arindam is currently pursuing multiple cutting-edge research directions in machine learning. The work is leading to both foundational advances in key areas of machine learning and also enabling multiple real-world applications,” said CS&E Department Head Mats Heimdahl.

Additionally, Banerjee has been recognized by his peers for his many contributions to the field, from best paper awards to research grants to editorial positions. His work on scientific applications of machine learning has appeared in top-tier journals and has over a hundred well-cited publications. Through influential publications, interdisciplinary collaboration, and student teaching and mentoring, he has accrued a tremendous record of strong research.

“Arindam’s technical work is having deep impact in the modern and fast-growing world of machine learning and artificial intelligence,” Heimdahl added.

Banerjee’s work focuses on both foundational advances in machine learning as well as applications of machine learning models to challenging problems. During his years at the University of Minnesota, Banerjee has expanded his research portfolio both in depth and breadth from his initial work in unsupervised machine learning to probabilistic graphical models, large scale optimization, and high dimensional structured models. He has also made contributions to several societal and scientific applications of machine learning including text analysis, recommendation systems, climate science, ecology, and aviation safety.

Banerjee joins a growing list of CS&E faculty who have received the award.  Prior recipients include professors Tian He, Chad Myers, and Zhi-Li Zhang. Congratulations go out to Professor Banerjee on receiving this tremendous honor.

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