Congratulations to the 2017 CS&E Scholarship Recipients

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June 5, 2017

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering has selected 19 undergraduate students to receive scholarships for the 2017-2018 academic year. CS&E sends congratulations to all of this year’s recipients.

The Hopper-Dean Foundation

  • Nathan Bittner hopper-dean_nathan_bittner_crop.jpg
  • Nikki Kyllonen hopper_dean_nikki_kyllonen_crop.jpg
  • Chena Lee hopper-dean_chena_lee_crop.jpg
  • Stephen Mylabathula hopper-dean_stephen_mylabathula_crop.jpg

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering

  • Joey Engelhart computer_science_engineering_joey_engelhart_crop.jpg
  • Saksham Goel computer_science_engineering_saksham_goel_crop.jpg
  • Rachit Mahendra computer_science_engineering_rachit_mahendra_crop.jpg
  • Yuliya Ryabova computer_science_engineering_yuliya_ryabova_crop.jpg

CS&E MinneAnalytics

  • Khoa Le cs_e_minneanalytics_khoa_le_crop.jpg

Donors of the Lando Scholarship

  • Tyler Ashworth lando_tyler_ashworth_crop.jpg
  • Bat-Orgil Batsaikhan lando_bat-orgil_batsaikhan_crop.jpg
  • Isaac Cortes Mera lando_isaac_cortes_mera_crop.jpg
  • Fiefan Du lando_feifan_du_crop.jpg
  • Ryan Fredlund lando_ryan_fredlund_crop.jpg
  • Anne Kane lando_anne_kane_crop.jpg
  • Nguyen Nguyen lando_nguyen_nguyen_crop.jpg
  • Ethan Schulz lando_ethan_schulz_crop.jpg
  • Stryker Thompson lando_stryker_thompson_crop.jpg

Courtesy of Phui and Quong Tran

  • Dominic Dang phui_tran_quong_tran_dominic_dang_crop.jpg

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