CS&E Ph.D. Student Receives Best Paper at SSTD 2019

Ph.D. candidate Yiqun Xie
October 22, 2019

Ph.D. candidate Yiqun Xie, along with his advisor, McKnight Distinguished Professor Shashi Shekhar, received the Best Paper Award at the 16th International Symposium on Spatial and Temporal Databases (SSTD 2019). They were honored for their paper, “Significant DBSCAN towards Statistically Robust Clustering”. The best paper award was selected by the research chairs: Professor Walid Aref, Professor Christian S. Jensen, and Professor Kjetil Nørvåg.

The paper by Xie and Professor Shekhar introduced a novel and efficient framework that incorporates statistical significance into DBSCAN, a widely-used fundamental clustering technique (Test of Time Award winner at ACM SIGKDD 2014). The work was also motivated by Professor Hans-Peter Kriegel, a creator of DBSCAN. A major limitation of DBSCAN is that it cannot distinguish significant patterns and chance patterns. By addressing this issue, the new work significant DBSCAN greatly improves the statistical robustness of the approach.

SSTD 2019 was held at Vienna, Austria. It is a selective venue focusing on spatial and temporal databases, data mining, machine learning, GIS and other related topics. The conference was sponsored by Esri, Oracle, Google, Computing Community Consortium, etc. The team was presented the award in a ceremony during the conference’s reception.

Please join CS&E in congratulating the entire team on receiving this award.

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