CS&E Ph.D. Student Wins Best Poster at UCGIS

October 4, 2017

Ph.D. student Yiqun Xie received the best poster award (“People’s Choice”) at the University Consortium for Geographic Information Science’s 2017 Symposium (UCGIS 2017). He and his research team were honored for their poster “Predicting the Impact of Climate Change on Agricultural Productivity.”

The poster presents research that aims to predict the yield of crops in Illinois based on climate variables (e.g., precipitation, temperature) and agricultural variables (relatively stationary) under the impact of climate change. Domain reasoning behind the learning models were also explored. A $500 award was granted with the poster award.

poster_xie.pngThe poster was an interdisciplinary work with Chunyuan Diao (Ph.D. in Geography, State University of New York at Buffalo), Jessica Balkin (Ph.D. candidate in Anthropology, University of Colorado, Boulder) and Volodymyr Mihunov (Ph.D. student in Environmental Sciences, Louisiana State University), and supervised by Dr. Luis Rodriguez (Professor at University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign) and David Tarboton (Professor at Utah State University) during UCGIS Summer School (supported by the National Science Foundation).

Xie is advised by Distinguished McKnight Professor Shashi Shekhar.  His ongoing research focuses on optimization and machine learning in the geospatial domain. Specifically, he looks at spatial allocation which can be applied to areas such as landscape design, urban planning, and floor zoning. His research carries out exact algorithms, approximation algorithms and heuristic algorithms to solve challenging spatial allocation problems. Additionally, he is exploring data-driven approaches to efficiently solving large-size real-world problems despite their theoretical hardness.

UCGIS 2017 was held in Arlington, Virginia and aimed to establish and nurture collaborations around cyberGIS, its wide range of domains, and their specialists.

Please join CS&E in congratulating Xie and the entire team on receiving this award.

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