CS&E Ph.D. Candidates and Alum Receive Best Paper at APNET’17

September 26, 2017

Yang Zhang and Eman Ramadan, along with Distinguished McKnight Professor Zhi-Li Zhang and CS&E alum Hesham Mekky (Ph.D. 2016), were awarded the Best Paper Award at the Asia-Pacific Workshop on Networking (APNET’17). They were honored for their paper, “When Raft Meets SDN: How to Elect a Leader and Reach Consensus in an Unruly Network.”

Their paper is in the area of software defined networking (SDN) and describes the team’s work on how inter-dependency issues between a network operating system and the network under its control can lead to instabilities. Their work illustrated that the reliance on consensus protocols to maintain a consistent network state is the cause of these instabilities and it identified various solutions to mitigate these problems.

Zhang and Ramadan are both Ph.D. candidates currently advised by Professor Zhi-Li Zhang. Zhang's current research pursuit is to build efficient and secure network systems, while his research interests include network function virtualization and network security.  Ramadan's research interests lie the broader field of content distribution networks, information-centric networks, and software-defined networks.

APNET’17 is sponsored by ACM SIGCOMM and was held in early August in Hong Kong.

Please join CS&E in congratulating the entire team on receiving this award.

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