CS&E Staff Present at UMN Google Day

March 8, 2018

CS&E Administrative Director Faith Goenner, Finance Operations Manager Jillian Rung, and UMSEC Center Administrator Molly Bendzick recently presented at University of Minnesota’s Google Day. IT Governance organized the event in response to feedback from the university professional community. The event provided employees supplemental training on how to make the best use of Google Suite apps.

Goenner’s session, “An Uptake on Intake: Using Google to Drive Workflow Information,” shed light on how to leverage Google Forms, Google Sheets, and data to drive business processes and workflow. Rung’s session, “How to be a Warden of Awards: Managing Pre- and Post-Awards Using Google Suite Products,” focused specifically on Google Drive and shared/group emails in pre- and post-award grants management. Bendzick joined Assistant IT Director for Process Improvement Christopher Stordalen in their session, “Google Sites: Websites, Project Management, and Internal Communications.”  Their presentation provided insight on how to use Google Sites to improve the organization and sharing of department or unit information.

Please join CS&E in congratulating Goenner, Rung, and Bendzick for reaching out to the broader university community to provide their knowledge and support.

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