12/15 TA Update

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Here is an update on the Spring 16 TA situation.

  • The 3rd round of offers is going out (probably tomorrow, i.e., Wednesday).
  • If you are looking for a TA offer but do not get one in the 3rd round, there will likely be a few more TA offers, either near the very end of the semester, or --- more likely --- in January.
  • If you get a 25% TA offer in the 3rd round, but are looking for a 50% offer, there is a chance --- but not a certainty --- that some 25% offers will be changed to 50% offers once we get more information about class sizes, etc.
  • TA class assignments for students who already have offers are going out today and tomorrow.
  • If you applied for the 5801 TA position mentioned in an earlier note: the teacher of that course will contact the top candidates before the end of this week to set up an interview.