12/18 TA Update

Friday, December 18, 2015

Here's an update on the Spring TA situation:

  • The third round of offers is out. If you got an offer you should have heard about it by now.
  • If you already have an offer (and have accepted it) you should have gotten your course assignment by email (or will get it soon if you accepted very recently).
  • If you already have a Spring TA position, please remember we are past the resignation deadline. So resignations should happen only in extreme, unforeseen circumstances, and will need special approval.
  • If you have not gotten an offer: there will be some additional offers between now and the start of classes. Rather than being made in "rounds" of offers, these will be made on an as-needed basis as they arise. There will not be a large number, and the exact number and which classes they will be won't be known until the positions arise (sorry this isn't more definite, the number of offers depends on unknown factors such as how many third round offers are declined). However, historically we have always had at least a few positions come up in early January or at the start of classes.