3/28/16 Update: Overview of Fall 16 TA Offers

Monday, March 28, 2016

Review of TA applications for Fall 16 will start in early April. There will be a number of rounds of offer notifications, starting in early or mid-April, and then continuing every week or two until the end of Spring semester, or until all positions are filled.

Course assignments for students who do get offers will be made in early or mid-summer (June or July).

After the end of Spring semester, additional Fall 16 offers will be made over the summer on an as-needed basis, when any positions open up. Historically, the department has made over a dozen offers over the summer (including at the start of Fall semester).

The CS&E department does give priority to certain groups of students. In particular, CS Ph.D. student have higher priority than MS students and students in other graduate programs. Early rounds of Fall offers will be made primarily to PhD students. Most offers to MS or out-of-department students will be made later in Spring semester, or over the summer, once we find out how many positions are still open once higher-priority candidates have been considered.

Additional information on applicant priority, offer criteria, etc. are in the CS&E Department Handbook. We will also post updates (on this TA Announcement site) every week or two until the end of the semester, and occasionally (as needed) over the summer.