5/3 TA Update for Fall 16

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Some additional Fall 16 TA notifications will go out soon. This will be the "next round," but instead of all going out at once, some offers will go out this week, and a few more will go out next week. The reason for this is we had more PhD students apply late than usual, and so we are trying to make as many offers as possible, without overcommitting. The good news is that we will likely be able to make offers to most or all TA applicants who are continuing CS PhD students. We will also likely be able to make a few more offers to CS MS students, as well as a few students from other departments. The bad news is that some of these offers will need to wait until summer since we have already made almost as many offers as our expected number of Fall positions. So the plan is to make as many offers as we can over the next two weeks, and then make additional offers over the summer as positions open up due to resignations.