9/12/16 TA Update

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

One more summary note:

All our Fall positions are filled. So --- barring any unforeseen and unexpected opening --- we will not be making any more TA offers for Fall.

Spring TA offers will be made starting in November. If you have not yet applied, but wish to be considered for a Spring opening, please make sure you turn in an online application by Nov. 1. A few students have asked what they can do to improve their chance of getting a Spring TA offer. There are a number of factors involved in TA offers (see the relevant sections of the TA Handbook for more detail.) However, here are a few items:

  • Make sure you do well in the classes you are taking. For 5xxx classes, we usually have TAs who have taken the class previously and have gotten an A or A- in it.
  • If you are an international student whose ibTOEFL speak score is 22 or lower or, equivalently you have a 4 or 5 ELP rating on the SETTA test), sign up for GRAD 5102.  And if you have an ibTOEFL speak score of 26 or lower, see if you can take the SETTA test and get a 1 ELP rating. See the International TA English Program website for more information.
  • Make sure, on your application form, that you list a good number of courses you are qualified to be a TA for. However, do not list courses you are not qualified for. For example, our CSci 1133 course uses Python; you should not list that course unless you have Python programming experience. Similarly, 5xxx courses require advanced knowledge in a topic; you should not list a 5xxx course unless you have taken it here and done well, taken an equivalent course (not just a course in the general area, but one quite similar to the course here) elsewhere and done well, or have equivalent experience and knowledge.

This will likely be the last posting on the TA announcement page until we start looking at Spring TA offers.