Fall 2017 TA Update (as of 7/26)

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A quick update on the Fall TA situation:

  1. Class assignments for students who already have an offer will go out in the first few weeks of August.
  2. If you have a TA position for Fall, but will be resigning it to take an RA position, please let the department know as soon as possible.
  3. For students who are still waiting to hear if they get an offer:
    • We currently have more TAs than positions, so there are currently no positions available.
    • If there are resignations, or if additional positions arise due to larger than expected enrollment, then we will fill these positions as they arise.
    • Currently there are still a large number of students who applied, but have not gotten an offer. This includes several high-priority students such as CS PhD students. If you are a CS PhD student who applied for a Fall TA position, but have not yet gotten one: there is a reasonably good chance, but not a certainty, that we will be able to make you an offer. However, in many such cases we will likely not know until near the start of classes. If you are another student who applied for a TA position but has not yet gotten one: there will probably be a few openings that come up where we do not have a qualified and available PhD student in the application pool. In such cases we will consider CS MS students, DSci students, or students from other departments. However, we expect to be able to make only a few such offers, and they will likely be later in the summer (near the start of classes) rather than in the next couple weeks.