Fall 2017 TA Update (as of 8/14)

Monday, August 14, 2017

A quick update on the Fall TA situation:

  1. Class assignments for students who have an offer will go out this week.
  2. If you have a TA position for Fall, but would like to resign it to take an RA position, understand that this will ONLY be allowed if a suitable replacement TA can be found. This is not guaranteed, but more likely if you are a TA for a lower-level class.
  3. For students who are still waiting to hear if they get an offer:
  • We have offered all TA positions; there are currently no positions available.
  • If there are resignations, or if additional positions arise due to larger than expected enrollment, then we will fill these positions as they arise.
  • Currently there are still a large number of students who applied, but have not gotten an offer. This includes some incoming CS PhD students, CS MS and Data Science MS students. It is quite unlikely to offer a position to a student from outside the department, unless a very specific need arises. In general, the same is true for in-department students: unless a resignation occurs in a class for which you are specifically qualified, it is unlikely at this point to receive an offer. We expect that a very few resignations will occur between now and the beginning of the term, though some inevitably do. If you are still seeking a position, pay close attention to your e-mail, as offers will likely need to be made quickly to fill resignations before the beginning of school.