Fall 2018 & Summer 2018 TA Update

Monday, April 9, 2018

The deadline for application has now passed.

Fall 2018 Update

Over the next several weeks, appointments will be made. Specifically, incoming Ph.D. students, some of whom have TA appointments as part of their admissions offer, have until April 15 to respond. After that time, decisions can be made about all CS Ph.D. students. This will likely happen early next week. Once Ph.D. appointments and hard-to-fill positions are completed, continuing MS TAs (those who have been a TA for our department before) will have offers made. Finally, new TAs will receive offers, likely in the last week of April. We hope to have all Fall 2018 appointments made before the semester ends.

Summer 2018 Update

Before the end of the month, decisions will be made regarding Summer TA appointments. There are only 5 such appointments, some of which at 25%, and none of which include tuition support. We will be reaching out individually to those students we are considering for each course.