Fall 2018 TA Update

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

A quick update on the Fall TA situation:

  1. Official offers and class assignments for students who have an offer will go out this week.
  2. If you accept a TA position for Fall, but would like to later resign it (e.g., to take an RA position), understand that this will ONLY be allowed if a suitable replacement TA can be found. This is not guaranteed, but more likely if you are a TA for a lower-level class.
  3. For students who are still waiting to hear if they get an offer:
  • We will be offering nearly all TA positions; there will be very few positions left.
  • If there are resignations, or if additional positions arise due to larger than expected enrollment, then we will fill these positions as they arise.
  • Currently there are still a large number of students who applied, but who will not receive offer. This includes many CS MS and Data Science MS students, including many who have been a TA in prior semesters. Without exception, the only MS students receiving offers will be those who were specifically requested by a faculty member for their own course.
  • It is quite unlikely to offer a position to a student from outside the department, unless a very specific need arises. In general, the same is true for in-department students: unless a resignation occurs in a class for which you are specifically qualified, it is unlikely at this point to receive an offer. We expect that a very few resignations will occur between now and the beginning of the term, though some inevitably do. If you are still seeking a position, pay close attention to your e-mail, as offers will likely need to be made quickly to fill resignations before the beginning of school.