Fall 2020 (and Summer 2020) TA Process Update (4/21/2020)

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Given the unprecedented times, the TA appointment process will similarly be on uncertain ground.

Fall 2020 appointments would normally begin to be made before the end of the term. While that may still be the case for some, the majority of appointments will occur over summer, with the bulk of those happening in early August. It is likely that you will not hear about your specific application until August or later. Given the University's financial situation, a smaller number of appointments will be made early, in order to prevent any overcommitment.

Summer 2020 appointments are also still being decided. We expect those to be made through the month of May.

The Graduate TA Supervisor (Kevin Wendt < >) can answer questions and concerns you have moving through this process.

Stay safe.