May 13 Fall TA Update

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Here's an update on TA offers for Fall 2015:

  1. The next round of offers will go out later this week or next week.
  2. After the next round of offers, almost all the Fall positions will be filled. However, usually a number of positions open up over the summer as students with TA offers switch to RAs. We will fill these positions as they occur.
  3. While PhD students still have priority in TA offers, if it becomes clear there will be a class or area where we will not have enough PhD TA candidates with the needed background, then we will consider MS students.
  4. Class assignments will be made in a few weeks for students with a Fall TA position.
  5. Reminder to students with a Fall TA position: if you find out that your will have an RA position for Fall, and therefore wish to resign your TA position, please do so as soon as possible. That will allow us to make an offer to another applicant.