Nov 24 TA Update

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The first round of TA offers will be going out soon. We hope they go out this week; however, if the Enterprise system is balky, then they will go out next week. The first round is primarily to students who currently (i.e., in Fall semester) have a TA appointment, but do not have a Spring offer yet.

If you currently have a Fall TA appointment, are looking for a Spring offer, but do not receive one in the first round, you will still be considered in the second round. Because of the large number of TAs we have, we were unable to make decisions about all current TAs for the first round.

If you do not have a current TA appointment, but applied for Spring, you will be considered in the next rounds. We expect to make another round in another couple weeks, probably a third round during finals, and then additional offers as needed until the start of classes.

If you already have a Spring TA offer, but wish to resign to take an RA position (or for any other reason), please do so no later than Friday, Dec. 11.