August 17, 2016

IV Lab Grad ArticleConsider a Graduate Degree from Computer Science and Engineering

CS&E has 51 faculty members who provide leadership and expertise to our 600 undergraduate majors, and nearly 400 graduate students.
Our faculty members are highly productive educators and researchers. They are international leaders in their respective fields and authors of widely used software and textbooks. The distinction of our faculty locally and worldwide is confirmed by their long list of awards and honors in research and teaching.


Our graduate programs encourages each student’s capacity for original and creative thinking, to understand the current state of the art of research and to assist him or her in producing innovative research. They are designed to produce graduates who are well prepared to excel in their future careers in industry, academia, and government. In addition, they address the increasing interdisciplinary nature of the computer science and engineering discipline and its role in advancing other disciplines in engineering, life sciences, physical sciences, social sciences, and humanities.


Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science (Ph.D.)

This is a research degree which culminates in a unique dissertation that demonstrates original and creative research.

Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering (M.S.)

The M.S. program in the Computer Science and Engineering (CS&E) department has three flexible tracks a student may pursue: a thesis-based degree, a project-based degree, and a course work-only M.S. Degree.

Masters Degree in Computer Science (M.C.S.)

A coursework-only degree for those students seeking to broaden their knowledge without doing research. It is designed to meet the needs of working professionals.

Master of Science in Data Science

Provides a strong foundation in the science of Big Data and its analysis by gathering in a single program the knowledge, expertise, and educational assets in data.

Master of Science in Software Engineering

A full-time, two-year Master's program with a 95% graduation rate designed for working professionals.

M.S. Graduate Minor in Computer Science

A minor in computer science is also available to students outside the Department of Computer Science.

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