M.S. Data Science Program Featured in ‘Amstat News’

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April 10, 2017

The Master’s of Science in Data Science program was recently featured in Amstat News, which is the American Statistical Association’s flagship publication. The article highlights programs from around the U.S. that are cross-disciplinary and engage statisticians through a series of interviews with leading experts in the field.

Director for Graduate Studies for M.S. in Data Science Dan Boley was one of the experts Amstat reached out to for an interview due to his experience in multiple disciplines, specifically the role statistics plays in data science.

The interview is comprehensive and highlights many of the strengths of the Data Science program and the need for its development.

“This degree was created to meet the demand from companies for practitioners with solid training in scalable computing methods combined with a solid understanding of statistical issues and methods,” said Boley in the interview. “Individual programs already had solid curricula in place to address various components of data science, but it was hard for students to package a program with the necessary elements without a cross-disciplinary degree.”

For the complete interview, read Amstat News’ series on groundbreaking data science programs throughout the U.S.

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