Kiaei and Kulkarni Receive the Best Poster Award at the M.S. Data Science Poster Fair

April 25, 2017

Congratulations to our Data Science M.S. students who presented their Capstone Projects at the inaugural Data Science M.S. Poster Fair. Their projects showed how Data Science can be applied to a wide range of topics, including social web, biology, medicine, statistical modeling, and scalable algorithms.

Shayesteh Kiaei and Akshay Kulkarni were both awarded the Best Poster Award.  Kiaei's poster, "Parametric Topic Modeling on Unit Hypersphere with Word Embeddings," focused on a form of text mining which discovers the main topics exhibited in a large collection of documents. Kulkarni's poster, "Trip Mode Prediction," looked into using SmartPhone sensors to develop a more robust classification system for data collected from GPS and accelerometers with a goal to help people find their destinations in a more effective manner.

All posters that were presented can be accessed below, including the two Best Posters from the fair.

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