Muhammad Ahmad Featured by 'GeekWire'

Muhammad Ahmad_GeekWire
June 22, 2017

CS&E Alumni Muhammad Ahmad was the focus of GeekWire’s popular “Geek of the Week” feature earlier this year.  The article, titled “Data scientist Muhammad Ahmad’s many pursuits include AI, art and simulations of dead people,” highlighted two unusually geeky pursuits that Ahmad’s been working on.

The senior data science at Groupon and affiliate associate professor at the University of Washington in Tacoma is creating a large historical network spanning the medieval era, while also working on a project that involves making simulations of people who have died.

“From an outsider’s perspective it may seem that my interests are eclectic but in reality I am a quite focused person,” Ahmad says in the article. “The different things that I work on do inform one another. Working on such seemingly different things is actually a great way to generate new ideas. The domains may be different but the passion is constant. What many people find surprising is that I do not do multi-tasking but rather work serially in a focused manner.”

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